20.18.03: Enhancements

This topic contains information about fixes and enhancements in the FootPrints 20.18.03 release, and provides instructions for downloading and installing or upgrading to 20.18.03 version. 

The following topics are provided: 

Enhancements and changes

The following table lists items that are new or have changed in FootPrints version 20.18.03:

EnhancementDescriptionTopics updated
Ability to create a new appointment on the calendar by using Create AppointmentYou can now create an appointment directly in the calendar console by clicking Create Appointment.

Managing appointments

Ability to retain all CC email addresses in a ticket when updating a ticket via email

When you update a ticket via email or reply to an email notification, FootPrints retains all subsequent CC email addresses in the CC field of a ticket.

Updating tickets via email

Editing your tickets via emai

Apache Tomcat 8.5 support

Apache Tomcat 8.5 is the only supported Web Server for FootPrints 20.18.03 application.

Ensure that you install and configure Apache Tomcat 8.5 prior to installing or upgrading to FootPrints 20.18.03.

For more information, see support article.

System requirements

Known and corrected issues

For information about the issues that are corrected in this service pack, see Known and corrected issues.

Downloading the service pack

For download instructions, see Downloading the installation files.

Installing the service pack

For information about installing the service pack, see Installing.

Upgrading the service pack

For information about upgrading the service pack, see Upgrading.

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