20.18.02: Enhancements

This topic contains information about fixes and enhancements in the FootPrints 20.18.02 release, and provides instructions for downloading and installing or upgrading to 20.18.02 version. For information about the issues that are corrected in this service pack, see Known and corrected issues

The following topics are provided: 

Enhancements and changes

The following table lists items that are new or have changed in FootPrints version 20.18.02:

EnhancementDescriptionTopics updated
Ability to copy email templatesAdministrators can now copy an existing email template, modify the required fields, and save it as a new email template. This feature helps the administrators save time spent on creating a new email template from scratch.
Ability to restrict file extensions and file names that can be attached to a recordAdministrators can now restrict users from attaching certain file extensions and file names to a record. This feature helps to avoid security threats.
Ability to use encrypted Microsoft SQL server as an external database for linking fields, configuring address books, and importing CIsAdministrators can now configure links to individual fields, configure dynamic address books, and import CIs (Configuration Items) and CI relationships from an external, encrypted Microsoft SQL database. This feature enables the administrators to integrate FootPrints with other applications that use a common external database.
Ability to configure a complex password policyAdministrators can now configure a complex password policy for users. This policy applies to users when they set a new password or reset their password, and to administrators who create and update the user accounts. This policy prevents unauthorized access to user accounts and reduces security issues.

Ability to populate assignment type fields during a CI import

While importing CIs, administrators can now populate the assignment type fields automatically with multiple values of users and teams separated by a semicolon (;), for example, User1;Team2;User3. This feature reduces administrative effort of manually assigning values to the assignment type fields.

Ability to request a service and view the solutions from the Category BrowserAgents can now enable the Category Browser to request a service and view a solution in a quick and alternative way based on the available categories. This feature saves time and effort of the agents.
Ability to link existing records of a user to a contact in the address bookAdministrators can configure a business rule manually to link the existing records of a user to a contact in the address book. This rule applies only to the workspaces created by using the business process template. After FootPrints is upgraded to version 20.18.02, this rule is configured as out-of-the-box.
Update to the versioning number for FootPrints releasesFootPrints is revising the versioning number with this service pack. The new version number is to align with the year in which the service pack is releasing. The revised version number for this release is 20.18.02.N/A

Known and corrected issues

For information about the issues that are corrected in this service packsee Known and corrected issues.

Downloading the service pack

For download instructions, see Downloading the installation files.

Installing the service pack

For information about installing the service pack, see Installing.

Upgrading the service pack

For information about upgrading the service pack, see Upgrading.

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