Subscribing to Global Tickets

When you are reporting an issue that has already been reported by other users, you may be able to create a ticket that is linked to the Global Ticket identified for your issue. This option is configured by your administrator. If you are authorized to subscribe to Global Tickets, Subscribe hyperlinks appear in the Subscribe column, and the Subscribe button appears in the Actions toolbar (when you are viewing a Global ticket). These may be labelled differently if your administrator has customized the label.

To create a ticket that is linked to a Global Ticket

  1. In the list of open tickets, select a Global Ticket that matches the current issue. 
  2. Click Subscribe.
  3. If you are not authorized to create tickets, the following error message appears: This option is not available at this time. For more information contact your administrator.
  4. If there are multiple types of tickets to which you can subscribe, the Current Global Incidents dialog box appears where you can select the applicable type of ticket to create and link. If only one type of ticket is available for linking, the new ticket is linked to it automatically.

The ticket is created. It contains the information from the linked Global Ticket and is linked automatically.


If you select a Global Ticket to which you are already subscribed, a message appears and no new ticket is created.

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