When you purchase FootPrints, you are assigned a permanent license. Licenses can be uploaded by System Administrators from the Manage License page. Once the license is loaded, this page shows your account information, license expiration date, and a list of product entitlements.

The following table provides information about the three types of FootPrints license:

License typeDescription
CustomerA Customer license is required to enable incoming email for external users to submit and track requests, search knowledge bases, and so on.
Agent Fixed

Agent Fixed licenses are assigned to a specific Agent user who logs into FootPrints with his own unique ID and password. You can only assign as many fixed users as the number of fixed licenses available but you can create an unlimited number of concurrent users.

Agent ConcurrentAgent Concurrent licenses can be shared by an unlimited number of agents, but only one agent can be logged into FootPrints at a time. User access is tracked (including successful logins and denials due to lack of license availability) allowing System Administrators to gauge license usage over a period of time.


Agents can be assigned Fixed Agent licenses or Concurrent Agent licenses, but System Administrators must be assigned a Fixed Agent license.

Licenses are released for use automatically when a user uses the Logout button. However, if the browser is closed, the sessions are active for three minutes and the license is released after that.


The three minute period for license release is fixed and cannot be modified.


If Betty uses the Logout  button, the session ends immediately. But if Betty uses the 'X' to close the browser without logging out the session first, the session remains active for three minutes and the license is released after that.

For more information about license packaging, contact FootPrints Support.

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