Getting started quickly for agents

This topic provides a quick guide to the FootPrints features and functions that agents use the most. Your ability to access different features and the actions you can perform are controlled by the permissions assigned to your user ID and role.

If you are an agent with administrative responsibilities, you can find a quick guide to administrative features and functions in Getting started quickly for administrators. If you think you should have access to a function that is not available to you, contact your administrator to request it.

Return to this page whenever you want to refresh your memory or learn something new.

The following topics are provided:

Getting started in FootPrints

You can customize aspects of the FootPrints environment to better suit the way you work. Detailed instructions are provided in the topics listed below:

Getting to work

Depending on your assigned user role, you can view, create, edit, or delete records as needed to meet your responsibilities. Because users can be assigned access to multiple containers, you may be able to perform all of these actions or only one.

The following topics provide links to instructions for working with the types of records stored in FootPrints and for managing your workload. The topics are organized by task and those topics that include "records" in their titles provide general information and links to further details.

When creating or editing a record, be aware of the session timeout value defined for your environment. This value can be as short as 15 minutes or longer than an hour. Save your work as you go along to avoid losing information by accident.

Viewing records

Searching in FootPrints

Creating records

Updating records

Closing and deleting records

Managing appointments

Running reports

Using FootPrints Mobile

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