Editing your tickets via email

In addition to editing your tickets in the online interface, you may be able update tickets by replying to email notifications. This is an option that must be set by your local administrator. You can update the Description field and possibly other fields (such as Priority or Status). (FootPrints 20.18.03) When you update the CC field, FootPrints retains all subsequent CC email addresses too. When you reply to a notification, your email message is appended to the selected ticket. 

To update a ticket via email

  1. Open the message about the ticket that you want to update.
  2. Click Reply.
    Do not change the subject of the email; it contains important information about the ticket and is needed by FootPrints to update the correct ticket.
  3. To update only the Description field on a ticket, type your response in the body of the email.
    The new information is added to the ticket.
  4. (Optional) To update other fields, in the body of the email message, type the information that you want written to the ticket, using the explanations provided in the following table.

    FieldFormat notes
    PriorityPriority=n where n is the new priority.
    StatusStatus=x, where x is the new status.
    Other fields<fieldname>=<value> where fieldname is the name of the field and value is the field content. If you send an invalid value, an error message is sent back to you. If you send an invalid field name, the fieldname=data statement is added to the Description field as text.

    Generally, any information that the system does not recognize as field-related is added to the Description field as text.

  5. Click Send to send the update to FootPrints.
    The ticket is updated within a few minutes. Depending on the settings defined for your system and user ID, notifications may be sent when pertinent updates occur.

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