Editing your tickets

If your system administrator has provided the required permissions, you can edit your ticket details, such as description and add or remove attachments.

To edit a ticket

  1. Perform either of the following steps:
    • If the ticket details are visible, click Edit.
    • If the ticket details are not visible, on your Home page, locate the ticket that you want to modify, select the ticket, and click Edit.
      For more information about finding tickets, see Viewing your tickets
  2. To get updates about the ticket, review the latest comments in the Description field.
  3. To update the Description field, perform the following actions:
    • To add an entry, type the information in the text area field.
    • To edit the previous entry, in the Description History section, click Edit Last Entry  and make the necessary changes and then click OK.
  4. (Optional) If the Attachment section is available, you can attach files to your ticket, download files, or delete files by performing any of the following actions:

    To add a file
    1. Click Add Attachment.
    2. Click Browse.
    3. Select the file that you want to attach, and click Open.
      The file name appears in the File field. 
    4. Click Upload.
      The file information appears in the Attachments list.
    To download a file
    1. Select the attachment in the list, and click Download files.
    2. Select whether to open or save the file. 
      • If you want to open the file, click OK.
        The file opens if an application is available for that file type.
      • If you want to save the file, click Browse to select a save location and then click Open.
        The file is saved.
    To remove a file
    1. Select the file in the list, and click Remove file.
    2. Click Yes.

  5. Click Submit.
    The ticket is updated and email updates are sent to you and the assigned agent.
  6. To close the ticket pane and return to the default view, click the small x on the tab.

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