Editing your Personal work schedule

You can edit your own work schedule to enter vacation and other time off, but you cannot edit any other user's Personal work schedule.


A default work schedule is assigned to each container in the system (workspaces, CMDBs, and so on). Consult with your administrator before changing the work hour settings.

To edit your Personal work schedule

  1. Click the Calendar tab.
    Your Personal calendar appears.
  2. In the left margin, click Personal Work Schedule.
    The Work Schedule page appears. The time zone does not appear on this page.
  3. In the Work Scheduler section, update your work schedule as needed:
    • To adjust the working days, under Day of Week, select the appropriate work days.
      As you select days, fields appear for the 24 Hour Day, Work Hour starting and end times, and Second Shift options.
    • If you want round-the-clock work hours, select 24 Hour Day next to the affected days.
       When you select 24 Hour Day, the Work Hours and Second Shift options are hidden for the selected Day.
    • To modify the starting and ending times for a work day, select new values in the from and to fields.
    • To add work hours for a second shift:
      1. Select the Second Shift check box next to the days when you work second shift hours.
        Additional start and end time fields appear; the from field shows the next hour after the ending time for the first shift.
      2. Select starting and ending times for the second shift.
  4. In the Vacation List section, modify your vacation and other time-off entries:
    • To create an entry:
      1. Click Create new to add holidays and other non-work days.
      2. In the Name field, enter a descriptive name for this non-work day.
      3. In the Type field, select the time period.
        Options are Day Off, Date Range, and Partial Day. If you select Date Range, the End Date field becomes available. If you select Partial Day, the Start Time and End Time fields become available.
      4. In the Start and End fields, select appropriate values for this entry.
      5. Click Update.
    • To edit an entry, select the entry and click Edit. Modify the fields as necessary and click Update.
    • To delete an entry, select the entry and click Delete.
      A confirmation message appears. Click Yes.
  5. Click Save.

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