Customizing ticket numbers and other record IDs

You can customize the IDs used for specific types of records such as ticket numbers in a workspace, solutions in a knowledge Base, and so on, by creating a prefix that is inserted automatically as each record is created. The prefix is separated from the number by a hyphen.

In addition, you can define the starting number for the record ID. By default, this is set to 0.

You can change the prefix and starting value as needed but previously saved records will not be updated.

To customize record numbers

  1. Open the item where you want to customize the record number:

    1. Click the Administration tab.

    2. In the appropriate section, click the container that you want to modify, or click Manage to open the container Administration page. Then double-click the container.
      The container details page appears.

    3. In the left pane, click the record definition tab such as Contacts.
    4. Double-click the record definition icon.
      The item details page appears.
  2. In the left pane, click Fields.
  3. Select the record number field (such as Ticket Number) and click Edit.
  4. To define a prefix, in the Prefix field, enter the characters that you want to appear before every record ID.
    For example, you might enter a division ID in front of a Ticket number. Only alphanumeric characters are allowed. A hyphen is inserted between the letters that you enter here and the auto-generated Ticket number.

  5. To define an automatic starting value, in the Auto Start Value field, enter the number for the very first record created for this type of record.
    The default value is zero (0), indicating that no value will be used.
  6. Click Save.
  7. Publish the container to implement your changes:
    1. In the breadcrumb trail, click the container link.

    2. Click Save and Publish.

      A confirmation message appears.

    3. Click Yes.

      The Publication Succeeded message appears, showing the number of errors and warnings.

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