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Product features

Fast Path Restart Control Facility is fast, efficient, and easy to use.

The product has the following features:

  • Ensures that an IMS system is restarted correctly and that database integrity is fully maintained

  • Causes minimal IMS system start-up overhead

  • Fully supports the database access methods and features available in IBM IMS/ESA systems

  • Ensures the integrity of the additional RDS and MSDB checkpoint data sets used in an IMS-XRF environment for IMS/ESA

  • Provides complete, automated recovery of IMS databases

    The IMS database recovery utilities are used for MSDBs and Full-Function databases. Full-Function batch backout is limited to OLDS allocation. RCF is designed to use the BMC Software Fast Recovery Utility product (FRU) for DEDBs.

  • Provides a window for MSDB maintenance activities

  • Rationalizes and controls the back-up of all MSDB related data sets

  • Provides automatic determination of IMS system resource and database status, and dynamic allocation of required data sets, thus eliminating potential errors

  • Requires no source code modifications to any user or IMS program or control block

    Because IMS program integrity is not affected, no new exposures are introduced.

  • Provides automatic notification to DBRC of an IMS abnormal termination

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