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Cannot view statistics or dynamically reload exits

The following table provides a detailed description of the problem, the reason that the problem occurred, and a solution to the problem:




You have fully customized Energizer. Transactions are still being processed through IMS Connect. DataStore Routing, WorkLoad Governor, security, and the exits all function correctly. However, you cannot dynamically reload exits or view statistics.


If Energizer has been fully customized, you will have at least one eLink, one eGroup, one IMS Connect, one datastore, one DataStore Router Configuration member, and one Exit Services Configuration member defined. 


Ensure that eLink is online. If eLink is on a different system than the IMS Connects, the system with eLink could have been IPLed.


Restart the eLink. When eLink comes online, you can dynamically reload your exits or view statistics. You do not need to recycle IMS Connect.

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