VIPCON E-Bonding Runbook for BMC Atrium Orchestrator

 The Rule Engine is a set of configuration and management forms, which are implemented in Remedy ARS and can be accessed by the ITSM Application Administration. In detail, the rule engine includes four areas:

  • E-Bonding Runbook Partner Configuration
  • E-Bonding Runbook Platform Configuration
  • E-Bonding Runbook KPI Console
  • E-Bonding Runbook Log Console

The E-Bonding Runbook Partner Configuration allows administrators to register new interface partner systems in a data driven manner. In addition, ITSM Support Groups interface partners can be assigned. This principle defines the basic rules for the E-Bonding Runbook Event Engine and allows clear assignments of events to specific interface partner systems. It can be configured for each partner system, what messages can be replaced. 
The E-Bonding Runbook Platform Configuration is a configuration option in addition to the partner configuration. Administrators can make technical adjustments of the E-Bonding Runbook platform here.
The E-Bonding Runbook KPI Console allows administrators and interface managers to obtain a complete overview of the E-Bonding Runbook. The measurements include important indicators regarding performance, health and the utilization of the platform. 
The E-Bonding Runbook Log Console focuses on administrators and developers with easy and full access to all log events that are triggered by E-Bonding Runbook. 
NOTE: For now, not all parts of the software will reflect the change of product name. Some scripts to import, error messages and technical components may still use the pattern BGI. A full name switch is planned for the next release. 

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