System requirements

All technical prerequisites that must be available before a E-Bonding Runbook for BMC Atrium Orchestrator PoC starts. The installation procedure and architecture are covered by the installation guide.

  • (virtual) server for the BMC Atrium Orchestrator (BAO) [Linux (recommended) or Windows Server)]

    • min 4 CPUs, 8 GB RAM, 40 GB HDD
  • installled ITSM Suite (7.6.04 or higher)
  • Windows Client for Atrium Orchestrator Developer Studio
  • Windows Client for Remedy Development Studio
  • Windows Client for Remedy Import
  • Windows Client for Remedy MidTier
  • All clients need access to the corresponding servers (firewall grants)
  • The BAO server needs access to the ITSM AR Server (firewall grants)
  • Atrium Orchestrator Admin User
  • Remedy Admin User
  • System-User for BAO Server (e.g. Linux: SSH User)
  • Remedy Server Informationen (Hostname, Port)
  • FileShare for Attachments. The BAO system user needs read/write permissions to the file share.
  • Database-Schema for E-Bonding Runbook-DB (MySQL 5.5 or higher or Oracle 11G or higher)
  • Database-User for E-Bonding Runbook-DB
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