Message Library for Change

This guide provides conceptual and technical information about the VIPCON E-Bonding Runbook for BMC Atrium Orchestrator Message Library for ITSM Change Management

As a starting point, the guide lists all module messages for inbound and outbound interface operations. The module specific outbound events are described afterwards.
The guide lists all technical process names that are needed for a proper partner system implementation.
The focus of this guide is the detailed description of all module use cases, all included operations and the technical usages.
Finally, the guide provides tips and tricks to consider if customers want to implement E-Bonding Runbook interfaces for this module. 

NOTE: For now, not all parts of the software will reflect the change of product name. Some scripts to import, error messages and technical components may still use the pattern BGI. A full name switch is planned for the next release. 

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