Design Concepts

This guide covers the basic principles of VIPCON E-Bonding Runbook for BMC Atrium Orchestrator and describes the technical relations, which are necessary to use the solution. 
NOTE: For now, not all parts of the software will reflect the change of product name. Some scripts to import, error messages and technical components may still use the pattern BGI. A full name switch is planned for the next release.
VIPCON E-Bonding Runbook for BMC Atrium Orchestrator is the solution that extends the integration capabilities of the ITSM Suite massively in combination with the automation platform BMC Atrium Orchestrator. E-Bonding Runbook makes the integration of ITSM with partner systems easier and reduces the efforts per interface. At the same time, the quality of integrations is increased through the E-Bonding Runbook reusable platform features:

  • Support of bi-directional interfaces
  • Asynchronous processing for performance and stability
  • Standardized error handling
  • High availability
  • Scalable and robust

The picture shows the E-Bonding Runbook modules:

Figure 1 Overview of E-Bonding Runbook Modules
With E-Bonding Runbook, the interface logic is completely outsourced to the partner systems. This principal reduces implementation and conception efforts. The underlying BMC Atrium Orchestrator platform grants maximum flexibility. Interface partner systems can connect directly to the E-Bonding Runbook message library or a partner specific "enabler" module can handle the transformation of partner messages to E-Bonding Runbook messages. 
Another principal of E-Bonding Runbook is, not to implement any ITSM or partner system business logic. Therefore, concepts like ticket locking, defined status transitions or ticket status depending mandatory fields are not part of the E-Bonding Runbook configurations. This principal guarantees that any customer can utilize E-Bonding Runbook. Customer (or partner) business logic can easily be implemented with so called "partner enabler" modules.
E-Bonding Runbook prevents future ITSM customization for interfaces and all interfaces have the same quality criteria and use the same business logic. 
The platform is modularized and covers all enterprise interface requirements in one standard solution. It simplifies the design and reduces the implementation effort of ITSM Suite interfaces. The solution comes along with maintenance and support optionally. 
The next chapter describes the technical architecture of the E-Bonding Runbook platform.

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