This documentation supports the 22.1 version of BMC Helix Digital Workplace Basic and BMC Helix Digital Workplace Advanced. Icons distinguish capabilities available only for the Advanced and External license levels. For more information, see License types and features.

Adding users

To allow users to perform tasks in the service catalog, as a system administrator or a service catalog administrator, you add users in the Application Administration Console in Mid Tier and give them access to the BMC Helix Digital Workplace Catalog application. You can then assign roles to the users to give them permissions to create and manage the service catalog and perform related tasks.

The application leverages the People record in BMC Helix Innovation Suite, that allows you to add users and their relevant details such as login ID, application permissions, role, and address.



Before you begin

 Make sure that you can log in as a service catalog administrator user to Mid Tier and can access the application server.

To add or modify users

You can add and delete users and modify user details from Mid Tier. Learn how to create users in Adding People by using a template Open link and Adding People without using templates Open link .


Always configure people records by using the BMC Helix ITSM People form. Information that you add or modify on the BMC Helix ITSM People form is automatically updated to the AR System User form, but information updated on the User form is not updated to the People form. 

User account fields

When you create user accounts, you must provide the following information:

Field nameDescriptionExamples
Full Name

Specify the full name of the user.


Hannah Administrator

Email Address

Specify the email address used by the account. This address does not need to match the user's login name. An email address is required to receive email notifications.

Provide the following information in the Login/Access Details tab:

Login ID

Specify the name the user enters to log in to BMC Helix Digital Workplace Catalog. The Login Name field is case sensitive.

To log in to BMC Helix Digital Workplace Catalog, the user enters hannah_admin.



Specify a password for the user. 

IS Persona

Optionally, specify the IS persona, which is a collection of application roles. 

User accounts that are not given administrative capabilities can view and request services. Users who are given access to log in to the Catalog console can be granted Administrator rights.   

Important: Use the Catalog console to assign catalog and subcatalog roles to users.  

Catalog Admin

Catalog Internal Supplier

IS Bundle Access

Specify the applications that the user can access, modify, and tailor. Select myit-sb

With the myit-sb bundle access, a user can access BMC Helix Digital Workplace Catalog data and service definitions.


License Type

Specify the license type for this user.

Although licensing is not a component of access control, licensing can affect a user's ability to perform an operation that you grant the user permission to perform. 

Important: Except an agent role, all catalog roles require a Fixed license or a Bundled license containing the fixed license type. For the 2015 Pricing Model, these licenses are the ones that do not contain the word “concurrent” in their names (concurrent refers to the Floating license type). Service agents no longer need Fixed licenses. Standard users for service requests only need a Read license.






System level user: The application requires a service level user that handles background tasks such as pushing notifications to end users when catalog requests are being processed. Create one user account that will perform these actions and add credentials for this user. To send notifications by email from this user account, you must also complete the configuration described in Configuring email notifications.  

Where to go from here

Assigning catalog roles to user accounts

Assigning subcatalog roles to user accounts

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