The DELTA PLUS product is the next generation in the DELTA IMS family of products.

This product is an extension and enhancement of the current capabilities and interface of the DELTA IMS DC, DELTA IMS DB/DC, and DELTA IMS for DBCTL products. The basic capabilities of the DELTA IMS products, such as adding, deleting, and modifying IMS resources, are supported in DELTA PLUS.

DELTA PLUS has been developed to alleviate the problems inherent with IMS Online Change (OLC) where more than one copy of an IMS system must be maintained in a data-sharing/shared queues environment. The product uses the cross-system coupling facility (XCF) for communication between BMCXLINK and IMS control regions.

DELTA PLUS includes additional enhancements that address customer requirements taken over the life of DELTA IMS and that allow coordinated changes across a grouping of IMS systems and the dependency of DELTA requests. A coordinated change means that a change that is executed on a user-defined group of IMS systems must complete successfully on all the systems or the change is not applied on any of the systems. Dependent changes are changes that must complete successfully for all the elements in a DELTA List on the target IMS system or none of the changes are applied.

The DELTA PLUS product offers new functionality in the DELTA List editor, batch versions of utilities that were previously only available as online ISPF functions, and a suite of utilities to aid in the conversion to DELTA PLUS from DELTA IMS. The new DELTA PLUS XREF feature provides extensive reporting of the relationships between IMS resources, such as databases, programs, randomizers and compression routines.

The DELTA PLUS product features can be divided into the following categories:

  • Dynamic Change features

  • Change Management features

  • IMS Resource Management features

  • Coordinated Change feature

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