Coordinated change feature

In an IMS data-sharing or shared-queues system or group of like IMS systems, it is important that the resource definitions remain synchronized. If there are inconsistencies between IMS systems in the same shared-queues group, it is possible to have responses for a transaction be different depending on the IMS system in which it was processed; this compromises the integrity of the IMS system.

The standard IMS Online Change requires you to manually make the changes to IMS system resources on each IMS system in a user-defined group. This method lends itself to error and oversight. The DELTA PLUS coordinated change feature is the only way to ensure that dynamic changes are made across all systems synchronously, thereby eliminating the possibility of inconsistencies.

DELTA PLUS allows you to make coordinated changes of IMS system resource definition elements dynamically across all IMS systems in a user-defined group. This group is usually an IMS data sharing group, IMS shared queues group, or a group of logically related or duplicated IMS systems. DELTA PLUS also allows you to define this group of IMS systems for DELTA List execution.

DELTA PLUS allows you to execute a single DELTA change or a group of dependent changes as a coordinated change. The target for the changes is a designated group of IMS systems. The change, or changes, must complete successfully on all the IMS systems or it will not be completed on any of the systems.

If an IMS Group is designated as a target for the coordinated change, but one system is down when the changes are executed, the changes will be made on the system when it is restarted. This feature ensures that the systems are never executing with inconsistent definitions. The DELTA PLUS coordinated change feature guarantees the integrity of the IMS resource definitions.

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