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  1. Re: Deploying BMC MyIT to your users

    Hi COE, Is there a re-branding page for Android? Thanks.
  2. Re: Deploying BMC MyIT to your users

    Hello, I am also interested if there is info around how to re-brand Android mobile client? Thanks.
  3. Re: Re-signing and rebranding BMC MyIT for iOS

    Will you please add the theme color setting for iOS branding. /usr/libexec/PlistBuddy -c "Set theme-dark $themecolor" Payload/ Migrated to Confluence 5.3
  4. Re: Re-signing and rebranding BMC MyIT for iOS

    It is not clear what parts of this page are required, recomended, and optional. If it is an apple requirement that a customer re-sign the iOS application with their own certificate prior to deployment, that needs to be clearly stated. Re-Branding is an optional step. Customers do not need to do this. By placing them
  5. Changing terminology used in the application

    (http://BMCMyITserver:port/console), click Branding settings. To update the term used for your service desk and its description: Select the Appointments tab. In the Name … Changing client functionality options Localizing titles and messages customization task branding favourite administration ondemand Migrated to Confluence 5.3
  6. Patch 1 for 2.1.00

    Patch 001, and click Download Manager or Download (FTP) to download MyIT 2.1.00_Patch If your apps were re-branded before applying the patch, repeat the branding changes for the new app files. Stop the Apache Tomcat web server. In the BMC MyIT installation directory, back up the existing ux.war file. Replace
  7. Localizing titles and messages

    On the Configuration tab of the BMC MyIT Administration Console (http://BMCMyITserver:port/console), click Branding Settings. Click the Appointments tab. From … (http://BMCMyITserver:port/console), click Branding Settings. Click the Support tab. From the Select Locale field, select the locale. Enter the localized text
  8. Configuring BMC MyIT

    Published myit.customizing This section contains information about how to customize and brand your instance of BMC MyIT. customization administration ondemand task Migrated to Confluence 5.3
  9. Rebranding BMC MyIT for the universal client

    , you can configure the branding for the Universal Client with the CSS file in Apache Software FoundationTomcat7.0webappsmyit-custom (version 2.0.01 … to http://localhost:9080/myit/app to check your rebranding. rebranding deployment universal_client branding favourite installation task customization favourite favourite
  10. 2.2.00 enhancements

    for your end users, instead of modifying myit.war files, you can configure the branding with the CSS file in %TOMCAT_HOME%/webapps/tenant-custom-res