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Accessing a zAdviser Private Tenant

A Private Tenant is an independent Elastic Cloud instance that contains zAdviser dashboards, visualizations, and data that are not part of the shared space available to all zAdviser Customers. BMC provides Private Tenant access when your organization needs to create new or modify the existing read-only dashboards and visualizations that are available to all customers. Accessing your data in a Private Tenant requires multifactor authentication.

Getting Started with a Private Tenant

Setting up multifactor authentication

  1. Click on the URL from the invitation email you received (if you have trouble, you can copy and paste the URL into your browser). The Welcome screen displays.
  2. Click the "Continue with Salesforce Community” link to initiate multifactor authentication. This establishes secure access to your data.
  3. Sign in with your BMC Customer Support user access and then choose your multifactor authentication method:
    • Smart Phone App: Install the Auth0 Guardian application on your smart phone and follow the prompts to authenticate.
    • SMS (text) message: Enter your phone number and have sent authentication codes sent to your smart phone.

For a more detailed demonstration, watch this video about multifactor authentication.

Multifactor Authentication 5:27 min

Navigating dashboards

Dashboard Navigation
5:36 min

Filtering dashboards

Filtering dashboards
10:19 min

Creating and saving custom dashboards

Custom dashboards 4:51

Creating and saving custom visualizations

Custom visualizations

Logging in With a Recovery Code

Should you need to log in to zAdviser when you don’t have access to your smart phone, you will need to use your recovery code. When you originally set up multifactor authentication, you were asked to copy your recovery code and keep it somewhere safe. You can log into zAdviser with each recovery code one time only. Once a recovery code is used you will be given a new, replacement recovery code to store for use in the future.

Using the Multifactor Authentication Recovery Code

Once you locate your code, watch this short video for a detailed explanation on how to use your multifactor recovery code.

Recovery Code 2:34

Moving Objects Within a Private Tenant

The zAdviser team creates and modifies dashboards and visualizations on a quarterly basis. The zAdviser team automatically updates the Default (Read Only) space in all Private Tenants when changes occur. The zAdviser team will never update anything in the Private Tenant Read/Write space as many customers have modified objects in this space and the team doesn't want to destroy these modifications. If the customer wants the enhancements in their Read/Write space, they will need to perform and export from the Default space and an import into the Read/Write space.

Importing Objects Into the Read/Write Space

Once you determine that you need to update the Read/Write space, watch this short video for a detailed explanation on how to move objects from the Default space and into the Read/Write space.

Importing Objects2:34



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