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Refactoring Candidates Dashboard

The Refactoring Candidates dashboard identifies programs that are those large monolithic programs which may be candidates for refactoring. The dashboard identifies these candidates by looking at the programs that have the most checkouts, regressions, and fallbacks. Programs with the most checkouts may be a candidates for refactoring by preventing more concurrent development. Refactoring the program, breaking it down into smaller pieces, may allow for faster development as well as easier to understand code. Programs with the most fallbacks and regressions may be overly complicated and more difficult for developers to understand as well as test properly.

Checkouts, regressions, and fallbacks

The visualization below combines checkouts, regressions, and fallbacks into a stacked bar chart.

The horizontal bar charts below allow the user to focus separately on each of the functions.

Checkouts, regressions, and fallbacks tables

The visualizations below are repetitive of the horizontal bar chart visualizations but allow the user to export the data to a CSV file by clicking on the formatted link at the bottom of the visualization.



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