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Product Usage dashboards visualize product usage and development behaviors of individuals and teams.


NOTE: All product usage dashboards are organized by product family. For example, the Workbench dashboard represents the entire Workbench family and includes all Workbench-related products.

Accessing Product Usage Dashboards

The zAdviser Home page provides a links to each of the product usage dashboards.

zAdviser Record Formats

(info)Before diving into using the usage dashboards, it is important to first understand that there are two formats in which your data may have been collected; described as Enhanced Record Format and Legacy Record Format.

Enhanced Record Format

The current versions of BMC AMI products now write data in the Enhanced Record Format. Enhanced Record Format data and usage dashboards offer richer capabilities and insights than the Legacy Record Format. All BMC AMI products provide support for Enhanced Record Format.

If you are unsure about which dashboards to use, please contact your zAdviser administrator.

Legacy Record Format

The first iteration of BMC AMI product usage data was written in the Legacy Record Format. This is now considered the “old” format. The products that support the Legacy Record Format include: Abend-AID, File-AID, Performance Test, Code Pipeline, Strobe, Workbench, and Code Debug. Our goal is to eliminate this format over time as our customers move to more current versions of the products.

Filter Helper Dashboard

The Filter Helper Dashboard is designed to help users create meaningful filters that can then be used throughout the zAdviser dashboards. Filters can be created at the Product, System, or User levels and are retained across dashboards. See the example below:



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