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There are five KPI Dashboards available. Depending on the data sent to BMC, all or some of the KPI information will be filled in. KPI information comes from a combination of Usage data, SCM data, and ITSM data. The absence of any of this data will affect the visualizations in these dashboards. The Development Productivity and the Refactoring Candidates dashboards will be populated if Code Pipeline is the Source Control Management tool (SCM) being used.

This section specifics about each of the KPI dashboards is available:

  • Benchmarks: zAdviser aggregates data from customer sites across the world, enabling you to compare your KPIs against benchmarks that show how your organization is performing in relation to your peers.
  • Development Productivity: The Development Productivity dashboard provides insights into the productivity of development teams within the software development life cycle.
  • IT Service Management: The ITSM Dashboard shows detailed information around ITSM generated KPIs and valuable ITSM metrics. BMC AMI DevX also provides a link to its own KPIs to compare and contrast.
  • Refactoring Candidates: The Refactoring Candidates dashboard identifies programs that are those large monolithic programs which may be candidates for refactoring. The dashboard identifies these candidates by looking at the programs that have the most checkouts, regressions, and fallbacks.
  • Source Control Management: The SCM Dashboard shows detailed information about valuable SCM KPIs and metrics. Information in the SCM KPI dashboard is dependent upon which SCM is in use by your organization.

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