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ITSM Dashboard

The IT Service Management Dashboard provides detailed information around the ITSM KPIs. In the image below you can see the Mean Time to Repair (MTTR) KPI. The MTTR is a weekly average showing how long it takes from when a defect, incident, or a bug ticket is opened until it is fixed. Since, the MTTR calculation is susceptible to outliers, we provide the 25th, 50th, and 75th percentiles for MTTR so that you can get a better understanding of distribution of how long it takes to work on a bug, defect, or an incident. A trend graph over time is also provided for MTTR. Below that, the user can also see a trend graph of Open Issues indicating how many issues are still open from the past to help with prioritization and clean-up efforts.

ISTM Issue Stats, Types, and Priorities Visualizations

In the image below the user can see a series of pie charts detailing Issue Status, Issue Types, and Issue Priorities. By hovering on each slice in the chart, the user can see the count and percentage of issues within that category. By clicking on any category on the pie chart, the user can create a filter that changes the dashboard to include only information around that category. Below this is the Innovation KPI. This KPI indicates the percentage of time being spent on New Innovation such as Stories, Tasks, etc. versus the percentage time spent fixing the Issue Type of "Bug". The percentage is calculated by taking all Issue Types except "Bug" and dividing this by all Issue Types. A trend graph over time is also provided for the Innovation KPI.



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