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When an admin user attempts to log into the Presentation Server, an error message "You are not authorized to use this system" is displayed. The TrueSight.log file under the \BMC Software\TrueSightPServer\truesightpserver\log\ folder path contains an exception that indicates the authorization profile is missing for the user. This problem could occur when an admin, LDAP user, or custom authorization profile is either missing or deleted from the database.


For adding a missing custom authorization profile, you must create a new authorization profile from the TrueSight console.

Perform the following procedure to add the missing authorization profile of an admin user to the user group:

  1. From the \\BMC Software\TrueSightPServer\truesightpserver\modules\pgsql\bin folder path, run the pgAdmin3.exe utility.
  2. Click Add a connection to the database.
  3. Specify the NameHost, and Maintenance DB details.
  4. Navigate to Database > truesight > Schemas >Tables, and select usergroups.
  5. From the right-click menu, select Scripts >SELECT script
    The SQL Editor opens with a default SELECT script.
  6. Delete the SELECT script, replace and run the following statement from the SQL Editor
    Update usergroup set authProfile_id='f1411589-954c-4b90-9b59-cf2c2421b4e9' where id = '70a778fe-4b16-4ac7-a9c5-6100d3f03d8f'; for 'Administrators' group
    The admin authorization profile is updated.
  7. Restart the Presentation Server.

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