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The performance of the TrueSight console might be slow because the TrueSight Presentation Server validates all incoming requests to prevent Cross-Site Request Forgery (CSRF) attacks. Disabling the CSRF filter might improve the UI performance. However, your security will be compromised. BMC recommends not disabling the filter.

Run the following commands to disable the CSRF filter:

tssh properties set csrfFilter false

tssh properties reload


  1. Dear Team,

    There is no point in having the same solution everywhere especially when the link itself says "Disabling CSRF filter is a security compromise"

    This is a reoccurring problem that should have a concrete solution/steps to get rid of this Slowness issue.

    I frequently face it and every time when I look into BMC docs, Articles, troubleshooting- I see only one option- Disabling CSRF filter which will not be applicable to most of the customers who are using it as our security team will never allow to make such changes which will have security risk.

    I urge you to please provide any alternative and concrete solution to this Slowness of TSPS issue.



    1. Hi Sagar Rahate,

      Thanks for your comments. If I understand your comment correctly, it needs to be an RFE.

      I will share your comment with the SMEs and respond to you.



      1. Hi Hari,

        Thanks for prompt reply.

        Do I need to raise a request for enhancement for the same or will it be taken care by you?