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    The monitortypes API uses the GET method to obtain the list of monitor types. 

    TSWS APIs that use the POST method
    loginObtains the authToken required to perform all other operations
    configdataRetrieves configuration data of monitor instances
    perfdataRetrieves performance data of monitor instances

    TSWS APIs that use the GET method
    devicesRetrieves a list of monitored devices
    instances Retrieves a list of monitored instances 
    monitortypesRetrieves a list of monitor types 
    tenantsRetrieves a list of tenants 

    Before you begin

    You must have used the login API to obtain the authToken, which authenticates the user performing the operation. For details, see TSWS authentication.

    Request syntax


    Request parameters


    Tenant name

    Example: BmcRealm

    • instance
    • group
    • all (instances and groups)

    Sample request with REST client

    After you access the REST client, perform the following steps:

    1. Enter the URL for the list of monitor types API. The generic format is:
    2. Add the request parameters:
      1. tenantId 
      2. monitorCategory 
    3. Add a new header row and select Authorization as the header type.
    4. Enter the text authToken followed by the authToken generated through the login API. 
    5. Click Send.


    Sample JSON response 

    The following sample JSON response contains the list of monitor types for the monitortypes API:

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