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The TrueSight family of products offers many APIs and SDKs that you can use to integrate data from TrueSight products with third-party products. 

TSWS APIs that use the POST method
loginObtains the authToken required to perform all other operations
configdataRetrieves configuration data of monitor instances
perfdataRetrieves performance data of monitor instances

TSWS APIs that use the GET method
devicesRetrieves a list of monitored devices
instances Retrieves a list of monitored instances 
monitortypesRetrieves a list of monitor types 
tenantsRetrieves a list of tenants 

Interested in accessing TrueSight Presentation Server data with a REST API?

To learn how to use the TrueSight Web Service (TSWS) REST API, see Using the TSWS REST API to integrate TrueSight data with other products.

Interested in other TrueSight APIs?

To access a list of APIs that you can use to integrate with other infrastructure and application management products, see Consolidated list of TrueSight APIs.

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  1. On TSIM you can get the metadata. Would be great if this would also be possible on TSPS!