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TrueSight Operations Management integrates with Atrium Single Sign-On for authentication and user management.

Installing Atrium Single Sign-On is a preinstallation task for the Presentation Server. See Preparing for the Presentation Server installation  for more information.

Before you begin

You must have installed Atrium Single Sign-On.

To configure Atrium Single Sign-On

After the Presentation Server is installed, you can configure some of the Atrium Single Sign-On settings through the TrueSight console.

  1. From the TrueSight console, select Administration > Atrium SSO.
  2. Click the action menu for Configure Atrium SSO with TrueSight Presentation Server and select Edit.
  3. The Atrium SSO Integration page displays the following fields:

    SSO Server HostReview the Fully Qualified Domain Name (FQDN) of the Atrium Single Sign-On server. You cannot change this setting.
    SSO Server PortUse the default port number (8443), or enter a new port number.
    SSO Server UsernameUse the default Atrium Single Sign-On username (amadmin) or enter a different username.
    SSO Server PasswordEnter the password for the amadmin user for Atrium Single Sign-On.
  4. Click Test Connection to verify the connection to the BMC Atrium Single Sign-On server. See the notification to ensure the connection was successful.

To change the Atrium Single Sign-On password

If the password for the amadmin user account is changed in Atrium Single Sign-On, perform the following steps to change the password on the Presentation Server:

  1. Open a command prompt window and go to the installationDirectory\truesightpserver\bin folder.
  2. Run the following command to change the password:
    tssh properties set bmc.sso.password <new password> encrypt
  3. Run the following command to apply the changes:
    tssh properties reload

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