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The mposter and msend commands can both be used to send or modify events, but mposter also can be used to send or modify data.

Use the msend command to manage events in a cell. Use the mposter command to manage data and events in a cell. You can create and modify data instances and events by using the mposter command.

BMC recommends that you use the msend command instead of the mposter command when you do not need to access or modify dynamic data or global records. The msend command is a more secure command because it is more restrictive than mposter.


You can use the mposter command to create or edit the service model configuration items. However, BMC does not recommend this.
Although it is possible to use the mposter command to create and edit the service model class instances on a cell, these changes are made only to the BAROC service model running on the cell, and not to the cell's standard (reference) published service model in the CMDB. This causes a loss of service model integrity, and subsequent service model publishing will fail.


  1. Please can you update this document as using mposter is supported as a way to create or edit service models - it is not the preferred way, but it is supported. I raised a ticket with support to get this confirmed (ref 00783380). Thanks.

    1. Hi,

      Thanks for the feedback.

      I have updated the note and published the document.