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The Current Status tab on the SLO Management console provides the latest view of the performance of various SLOs configured in the system. Based on the user access level, you can create multiple versions of the SLO current status page. Each version shows up as a separate tab in the SLO Management console (based on selection).

By default, the current status screen displays all the SLOs (configurable) in the system against the SLO Name, Availability, and Response Time. You can use the Set Current Status Preferences option to customize the contents of the current status screen. See Customizing the display of SLO status information

SLO status details are displayed in a table with several columns of information, as summarized in the following table.
Columns of SLO status information on the Current Status tab




Provides a link to the SLO Details page. You can expand a nested SLO to view its associated SLOs. Each SLO can be expanded further to view the instances linked to them. At an attribute level, click the hyperlink to view the Instance Details page.
For more information, see Viewing a graphical history of SLO compliance and violations.

Availability and Response Time for each SLO

Current Status

Displays the current violation status for the SLO. In case of an existing violation, click the icon to view the violation details.

Problem Not Resolved

Represents graphically the longest open violation (if any).

Previous Week Compliance

Previous week compliance of the SLO. It can be configured to display any one of the following:
Previous month, Previous week, Week to date, Month to date, Quarter to date, and Year to date. Depending on the Global setting, the compliance is displayed as an icon or a number.