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For annotating and providing more information about an event, add notes to the event.

The following information is displayed in the notes table:

  • Notes added to the event.
  • Details of any operations executed on the event.
  • Details of notifications.
  • Details of alarm actions.

To add notes from the Events page

  1. Click the action menu for the event to which you want to add a note and select Add Notes.
    You can also select multiple events from the Events page and add a common note.
  2. Enter the note and click OK.
  3. The  icon in the Message column of the event indicates that the event has a note. Click the  icon to go to the Logs & Notes tab in the Event Details page.

To add notes from the Event Details page

  1. Click the Logs & Notes tab.
    You can view the associated notes, if any.
  2. To add a new note, enter the note in the box above the Add Note button and select Add Note.

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