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The Annotation Details icon is displayed as an additional graphing function only when the attribute has annotations for the selected time period. Annotation data is displayed for the latest 8 days only. Annotations are applicable only for monitors that are configured using PATROL Agent version 9.5.00 or later.

Click the icon to access the Annotation Details page. This page displays information about the annotations. The page displays the time stamp of the annotation with a brief description about it. If more than one attribute is selected on the Attributes & Indicators tab, and if some attributes do not have annotations defined, the page also lists them. You can send this page via e-mail by clicking the Mail this Page icon .

Annotations on a graph are displayed when you select the Show Annotations check box on the Attributes & Indicators tab.

Annotation Details page


In the Annotation Details column click the ellipses (...) if it is present. A new page opens and displays the complete annotation details. The annotation data is fetched from the server. However, it is fetched from the BMC PATROL Agent directly if the graph is plotted for a single event or a monitor that is configured to collect events using only PATROL Agent version 9.5.