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From the Compliance Matrix tab, Watch List tab, and Violation Details tab, you can click the SLO Details icon for an individual SLO to view information about an SLO. The SLO Details page displays the following information:

  • SLO Information: Displays general information about the SLO.
  • Compliance Summary: Displays a graphical representation of the compliance levels within the last 24 hours.
  • SLO Violation History: Displays the various SLO instances with a description of the threshold condition, a weight, a graphical indication of the current status, and a graphical representation of the violation history.


On the Current Status tab, click the link in the Name column to view a graphical representation of an individual SLO.

From the SLO Details screen, you can perform the following tasks:

  • In SLO Information, click Edit to add comments.
  • To add this SLO Details page as a tab in the Service Management Console, click Promote as Tab  on the top-right of this page.
  • To generate an SLO Health Summary report, click Generate SLO Health Summary Report .

    For more information about the health report, see Health Summary report in the operator console.

To view instance details

To access the Instance Details screen, click the link in the Thresholds Conditions column on the SLO Details screen.

The Instance Details screen provides complete information about an individual instance, displays a line graph (default) and violations (if any) for the selected instance based on data collected over the last 24 hours.