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Perform the following steps to verify the SNMP event adapter installation.

To verify the SNMP event adapter installation

  1. Verify that the files created by the SNMP Adapter Configuration Manager or the MIB2MAPcommand line interface are in the following locations:
    • installationDirectory/pw/server\etc\mcsnmptrapd.dat
    • installationDirectory/pw/server\etc\
    • installationDirectory/pw/server\etc\<cellname>\kb\classes\mcsnmptrapdmibe.baroc
    • installationDirectory/pw/server\etc\<cellname>\kb\classes\ mcsnmptrapdmib.baroc
  2. Verify that the installationDirectory/pw/server\etc\<cell>\kb\classes\.load file has the SNMP BAROC files listed in the correct order to load mcsnmptrapdmibe before mcsnmptrapdmib.
    • mcsnmptrapdmibe
    • mcsnmptrapdmib
  3. Verify the cell KB has been recompiled and the cell restarted after the SNMP files were created and moved to the correct locations.
  4. Verify that the SNMP adapters are not disabled in the mcxa.conf file.

    For example, to enable the adapter, remove DISABLE from the disabled adapter (see the code below) and restart the SNMP Event Adapter.

    Snmp DISABLE
    Engine = MA::ESnmpTrap
    ServerName = pncell_8PFNZK1 
  5. Check whether installationDirectory/pw/server\etc\mcell.dir has an entry for all the cells referred to in the mcxa.conf file.
  6. For the SNMPv3 trap adapter, ensure snmptrapd.conf has been configured to include the users sending the SNMPv3 traps.
    For example, createUser -e 0x8000000001020304 traptest SHA mypassword DES mypassword authuser log traptest noAuth