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The sample PATROL messaging text translation data enrichment source file, TextTranslation.csv, provided in the (Windows) installationDirectory\pw\admin\etc\samples or (Linux) installationDirectory/pw/admin/etc/samples directory is prepopulated with over two hundred translations for messages from the following Knowledge Modules:

  • BMC SQL-BackTrack NetWorker OBSI Module 
  • BMC PATROL for UNIX and Linux 
  • BMC PATROL for Microsoft Windows Servers 
  • PATROL KM for Netware 
  • BMC PATROL for Sybase 
  • BMC PATROL for Internet Server Manager 
  • BMC PATROL for Oracle 
  • BMC Performance Manager for Microsoft Windows Terminal Services

If you are integrated with PATROL, you can gain instant value by enabling this policy and importing the data from TextTranslation.csv into the cell as described in Enabling a dynamic enrichment PATROL message text translation policy. This policy enables you to reword ambiguous event messages into messages more easily understood by the IT operators handling the events in the operator console.

The TextTranslation.csv sample policy translates PATROL event messages coming from either BMC Impact Integration for PATROL 3 or BMC Impact Integration for PATROL 7.

Overview of the PATROL messaging text translation dynamic enrichment source file

The following figure shows some sample rows included in the TextTranslation.csv file.

Sample rows in the TextTranslation.csv file

The first three columns are match fields for incoming events. The first column contains the object class or application class of the KM. The second column contains the parameter. The third column contains the origin class.

The last column is the output field or the message that should be displayed when an event matching the criteria in the first three columns is received.

For example, in the first row, the cell looks for an event coming from the CPUCpuUtil parameter of the CPU application class. When the cell receives that event, it displays the following message:

CPU Utilisation is at 97%

or whatever number the CPU utilization percentage is at that time.

Many of the messages in the sample file contain slots that are populated with values from the parameter. For information about the syntax for using slots in a text message see, Editing the PATROL messaging text translation dynamic enrichment source file.