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With FlashCheck, you can quickly examine current data values from a selected monitor. FlashCheck triggers an instant poll from the agent running on the selected monitor, and displays the results in a separate browser window. You typically use FlashCheck to determine whether a previously detected condition still exists.

By triggering a poll, you can also use FlashCheck to close resolved issues for an event before the next scheduled poll, and to update data for newly added or edited monitors.

To examine the current data values of a monitor

  1. In the operator console, select an event in the Event View or Grid view.

  2. Run FlashCheck according to the current view:
    • (Event View) Choose Tools> Diagnostics> FlashCheck
    • (Grid View) Choose Tools> FlashCheck.
      A separate browser window opens with the current parameter values for the selected monitor.
      During FlashCheck, monitors do not retry polling.


      FlashCheck for the BMC TM ART adapter monitors has the following differences from other Infrastructure Management monitors:

      • FlashCheck can only be run for active synthetic transactions. 
      • FlashCheck triggers the Run Now feature in BMC TM ART Central, which executes the monitor immediately. Results might take several minutes to appear in the FlashCheck window. If FlashCheck exceeds the timeout period before data is displayed, wait a few moments and run FlashCheck again. FlashCheck does not influence the statistics collected in BMC TM ART Central. 
      • FlashCheck does not update BMC TM ART data in Infrastructure Management. Data is updated with the next scheduled poll.