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Select and configure the Services dashlet to monitor the services of your choice. The services dashlet displays services from the Infrastructure Management server. You can select the services for the services dashlet in one of the following ways:

  • Static configuration: Select the services from a list of services.
  • Rule-based configuration: Select services based on the criteria you specify. Criteria includes parameters such as status and priority. You can choose services based only on status, only on priority, on status and priority, or on status or priority.

For example, the following figure displays two instances of Services dashlet.

This topic presents the following information about the Services dashlet:

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Understanding the dashlet data

When you create a Services dashlet, by default the dashlet displays only services with Unavailable status or Highest priority. You can modify the default configuration by clicking the Configure Dashlet  icon. For more information, see Configuring the dashlet. The following figure shows the Services dashlet with the default configuration. 

Services dashlet - Default configuration

Dashlet requirements

The services dashlet requires Infrastructure Management server to be registered with TrueSight Presentation server. The dashlet is not affected by a dashboard's global filter for Applications. For more information about dashboard's global filter, see Adding and modifying dashboards

Configuring the dashlet

You can configure this dashlet when you add or edit a dashboard .

  1. Click Add Dashlet and select the Services dashlet.
  2. Click the Configure Dashlet   icon.
  3. (Optional) Enter a descriptive title for the dashlet in the Title box.
  4. From the Type list, select one of the following options to select the services to display:
    • Select Static, to select services from a list, and perform the following actions:
      1. Click Add to display a search box as shown in the following figure.
      2. Select services in one of the following ways and click OK:
        • In the text box, type all or part of a service name and click Search.
        • Click Search to see a list of all available services, and then select one or multiple services or Select All

    • Select Rule Based, to display services by a specific filtering criteria, and perform the following actions:
      1. From the Status list, select one or more service status to display: Unavailable, Impacted, Minor Impact, Warning, Info, OK, Unknown, and Blackout
        By default, Unavailable is selected.
      2. From the Priority list, select one or more service priority to display: Highest, HighMedium, Low, Lowest.
        By default, Highest is selected.
      3. From the Condition list, select one of the following conditions:
        • Select AND to display services filtered by both Status and Priority.
        • Select OR to display services filtered either by Status or Priority.

           Click here to see an example.

          Consider the following table to understand the behavior. Assume there are four services Service_1, Service_2, Service_3, Service_4, and you have selected the status as OK and the priority as Medium. If you select the AND condition, the dashlet displays Service_1. If you select the OR condition, the dashlet displays Service_1, Service_2, and Service_3. 


          Service nameStatusPriorityANDOR
          Service_2UnavailableMediumNot displayedDisplayed
          Service_3ImpactedMediumNot displayedDisplayed
          Service_4UnavailableHighNot displayedNot displayed
  5. Click Apply to save the dashlet configuration.