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Infrastructure Management Server installs a SSL-enabled Apache Server. The SSL Web server uses a self-signed certificate that must be replaced before HTTPS protocol is used.

SSL connection support requirements

Infrastructure Management supports 128-bit encryption of the SSL (secure socket layer) scheme. However, the following rules apply:

  • Only the following connections are secured:
    • Agent to Agent Controller
    • Administration Console to JServer
    • HTML client (browser) to web server
  • Certificate Revocation (CRL) is not implemented.
  • All agents and remote modules share the same key pair and certificate.
  • By default, all customers are shipped the same keys and certificates.
  • All keys and certificates have a validity period of 5907 days from the start date: 6/11/2014.
  • Only JKS (shipped with the JRE) key store format is supported.
  • By default, the server allows both authenticated and non-authenticated connections. However, that can be changed through a property.
  • Manual steps are required on the remote modules before they can use certificates issued by a different CA. No support is provided for this.