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You can execute a remote action on an event. These remote actions are created by an administrator as a response to specific events as required for your environment. You can perform remote actions on events that have been associated with or mapped to devices through a device alias. The device must be configured so that it allows the remote action to be executed on it.

When you use a remote action, it is issued from your local console but executed on the source Infrastructure Management server or remote Cell. The number of remote actions that you can execute depends on the event type, core event, or intelligent event.


Users who do not belong to out-of-the-box user groups will not be able to view and perform any remote actions. For more information about the default out-of-the-box remote actions, see Executing remote actions for selected events from the operator console.

In BMC TrueSight Infrastructure Management, add the user group to the cell's .mrl file manually and recompile the cell. For more information, see Creating remote actions on the administrator console.

Before you begin

An administrator must have created the remote action, as described in Configuring remote actions.

To execute a remote action for an event

  1. From the Events page, select an event or multiple events.
  2. From the event action menu, select Launch Remote Actions.
    The Launch Remote Actions option is also available from the Event Details page.
  3. In the Remote Actions window, select a remote action, and select Launch.
  4. In the Execute Action dialog box, enter the appropriate values required to run the selected remote action, and select Execute.

To view the remote action results

  1. In the Events page, the icon indicates that the event contains a remote action result.
    Click the icon or from the event action menu, select View Remote Action Results.
  2. The Remote Action Result tab displays the results, including the errors, if any.

    The following codes indicate the remote action result:

    -1In progress
  3. From the Remote Actions action menu, you can export the results to .BAROC, .CSV, or .XML formats.

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