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Use the following procedure to specify event notification based on SNMP traps.

  1. In the operator console, select Options > Administration.
    Click Edit next to Event Rules.
    The Event Rule Administration screen displays.
  2. Click Add. Do not change any of the other fields.
    The Add Event Rule screen displays.
  3. In the Event Rule Name field, enter a name for the rule, such as SNMP Trap
  4. Click Next.
    The Add Event Rule: Select Event/Monitor/Severity Information screen displays.
  5. Clear the External Events or PATROL Events option. 
  6. Click Next.
    The Add Event Rule: Action Information for Event Rule screen displays.
  7. In the Send SNMP Trap area, enter the name or IP address of the target SNMP host in the SNMP Host field.


If you want to manage events from Computer Associates Unicenter NSM traps, you must run the Computer Associates Unicenter NSM integration utility available at