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  1. two questions:

    there are number of 'older' issues in 10.5 for example that do not list as being fixed - AND do not list as being resolved in 10.7.  So are they not an issue in 10.7 or are they still and issue in 10.7?

    can we have the columns in the same order for these issue lists?  this page and the TSPS page are not the same list formats (see Known and corrected issues)

    1. Hello Michael, issues listed are specific to a version. If an issue in 10.5 is still an issue in 10.7, it would be listed in the 10.7 doc space.

      Updated the columns order to match that of TSPS.

  2. Hello, In the Defect ID TOM-35800 wich file change?

    1. Hello William, it is the pronet.conf file. Have fixed it in the defect description.

      Thank you!


    1. There was a macro error, fixed now.