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Dynamic enrichment event management policies require the same components as standard event management policies. However, dynamic enrichment policies allow you to import external enrichment data into the policy, rather than having to enter it manually.

First, you must either export data from a data source (such as an asset database) or manually enter information into the enrichment file (.csv).

After the data enrichment source file contains the data required, you can use the policy to import the data into Infrastructure Management for use in the enrichment process.The following figure illustrates the dynamic enrichment flow.

Flow of data required to implement a dynamic enrichment policy

External enrichment data sources

An external enrichment data source can provide additional information about an event that is not available from the technology from which the event originates. An example of an external enrichment data source is a database such as an asset data store. Information from the database must be manually exported into a flat delimited file, so that Infrastructure Management can access the information. The recommended format to export the data to is a .csv file. 

BMC provides some sample policies and associated enrichment data sources in the installationDirectory\pw\admin\etc\samples directory.

Dynamic enrichment source files

 A dynamic enrichment source file must contain at least one match field and at least one output field. 

A match field is the lookup or key field which the dynamic enrichment policy uses to identify the incoming event. You might use multiple match fields to identify an incoming event.

An output field identifies the type of enrichment information that is to be added to the event.

After the policy has matched the event data of the match field(s) with the data in the enrichment file, it adds the associated enrichment data from the enrichment file into the output field identified in the policy.


It is critical that the policy definition and the data enrichment source file contain the exact same number of match fields and output fields in the same order. If the match fields and output fields in the enrichment file and the policy do not match, the policy does not run.

For example, if you are using the contact.csv file that is included with the product, you must select the Host Class, Host, Object Class, and Object slots as the Match Fields and the Service and Owner slots as the Output Fields to correspond to the slots in the contact.csv file.

Wildcards are supported for pattern matching which enables for more generic policy rules to be written.

Sample dynamic enrichment source files

 The following table lists the product-supplied dynamic enrichment source files that are located in the installationDirectory\pw\admin\etc\samples directory. These sample files provide commonly needed enrichment information. 

You can use these files as a guide to create your own dynamic enrichment source files or you can modify and use these sample files.

Dynamic enrichment source files

Data source file

Policy name




Appends the location of a server to an event



Appends contact information for a server administrator to an event. For example, contact information might include the name of the administrator for that server and his or her telephone number



Replaces the text of existing PATROL event messages with messages that can be more easily understood by operators in your enterprise. This file includes predefined message translations that are immediately useful. For more information, see Using the sample PATROL messaging text translation dynamic enrichment source file.



Blacks out events that meet a specified criteria during a specified time period



Supports event categorization for BMC Performance Manager (BPM)



Supports event categorization for Remote Service Monitor (RSM) events



Supports event categorization for PATROL 7 events

For information about creating and using dynamic enrichment source files, see How to create and edit a dynamic enrichment source file.