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After the larger graph appears in the Graph Display window, there are three tabs where you can interact with and customize the graph. This enables you to change the data view in any particular instance by changing the attributes, indicators, or the start and end time of the current graph. These options allow viewing of data that is not currently part of the display or allows one to focus on a specific type of data to analyze and isolate an issue. Data is available for the previous 90 days, and it is fetched from the server. However, the data is fetched from the PATROL Agent directly if the graph is plotted for a single event or a monitor that is configured to collect only events using PATROL Agent version 9.5 or later.

If you want to view the recent data when the data is fetched from a PATROL Agent, ensure that you have set the following configuration variables in the PATROL Agent properly:

  • /AgentSetup/prmHistCacheFlushTimer—Determines the period of time that the cache is flushed to the history database. The default value is 1200 seconds.

  • /AgentSetup/prmHistCacheSize—Sets the number of data points allowed in the cache, for a specific parameter, before writing the cache to the history file. The default value is 16. 

For information about configuring the variables, see Defining a configuration variable .

The Graph tab shows the larger graph seen as a thumbnail in the View area. Additional options are available on the right side of the graph. The available icons change depending on the type and status of the graph as well as the selected monitor. For information about available options, see Changing the graph display on the operator console.

Graph tab

Graph data from the PATROL Agent

When filtering is applied at an attribute level, the operator console Graph page retrieves data from the Infrastructure Management Server.

To retrieve data from the PATROL Agent instead of the Infrastructure Management Server, select the Retrieve data from PATROL Agent check box under the Graph Options group.


  • This feature applies only to monitors that stream data and for a single attribute over a maximum time period of 24 hours.
  • If you select this feature, data is retrieved from the PATROL Agent, even if data is present in the Infrastructure Management Server.