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The integration of TrueSight Intelligence and TrueSight Operations Management enables you to view the infrastructure management events in the TrueSight Intelligence UI. To integrate these two products, you must register TrueSight Intelligence as a component of the TrueSight Presentation Server.

By default, when you configure the integration between these two products, TrueSight Operations Management sends all events to TrueSight Intelligence. If you have configured applications, you can use them to filter the events that are sent to TrueSight Intelligence.

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After you add TrueSight Intelligence as a component in TrueSight Infrastructure Management, the Intelligence Data Filter option becomes available in the TrueSight console. Use the Intelligence Data Filter page to filter the applications and event severity for viewing in TrueSight Intelligence.


If you do not configure the Intelligence Data Filter, critical events for all applications are sent to TrueSight Intelligence.

To configure the applications and the event severity:

  1. In the TrueSight Console navigation pane, select Configuration and then select Intelligence Data Filter.
  2. In the Applications list, select an application whose events will be seen in TrueSight Intelligence. You can select multiple applications at a time.


    The applications must be configured in the TrueSight console. For more information, see Setting up applications for monitoring .

    The application that you select in the Applications list is created in TrueSight Intelligence with the same name.

  3. In the Severity list, select a severity for the events.
  4. Click Apply to apply the filter.