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The dynamic enrichment service contact policy adds contact information related to the originating technology to an event.

For example, you can add a server administrator's name and telephone number to all events originating from a particular server.

To enable a dynamic enrichment service contact policy

  1. From the Event Management Policies tab of the Administration View, expand the By Policy Type folder.
  2. Under the By Policy Type folder, select Dynamic Enrichment Policy

    A list of out-of-the-box dynamic enrichment policies are displayed in the right pane of the Administration View as shown in the following figure.  

    List of out-of-the-box dynamic enrichment policies
  3. From the list of out-of-the-box dynamic enrichment policies, select Service_Contact_Enrichment

    The Dynamic Enrichment Policy Details tab, shown in the following figure, is displayed in the details pane of the Administration View.

     Dynamic Enrichment Policy Details tab
  4. On the administration console toolbar, click Update Policy to make the Dynamic Enrichment Policy Details tab editable.
  5. To enable the policy, select the Enabled check box.
  6. (Optional) Update other fields as required. 
    For more information about the fields, see Creating a new dynamic enrichment event management policy.

  7. Click OK
    If you added fields in the Redo Fields column, the following message is displayed:

  8. Click OK.
    A green check mark should be displayed in the Enable column next to the policy in the event management policies list. (You might need to scroll the window to the right to see the Enable column.) The policy also should show up in the navigation tree in the left pane of the administration console window.
    Import the data from the dynamic enrichment source enrichment file as described in Importing dynamic enrichment source.