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A remote action policy automatically calls a specified action rule when an incoming event satisfies the event criteria of the remote action policy. The associated action rule invokes the remote action if the same event satisfies its event criteria.

Before you begin

If an appropriate selector definition does not exist do the following:

  1. Select the Administration tab, then select the Event Mangement Policies subtab.
  2. Choose the Edit > Selectors > New Selector menu option to define the event criteria for the incoming event. Be sure that the event criteria of the selector correlates with the event criteria of the selector you defined for the action rule in the Create Remote Actions dialog.

For information about event criteria, see Creating remote actions on the administrator console.

To define selector criteria

  1. In the administrator console, select the Administration tab.
  2. Select tree view the Event Management Policies tab.
  3. In the Tree view, open the By Selector folder and highlight the selector that you added to the remote action policy to open the Selector panel.
  4. Highlight this selector in the selector list of the Selector panel.
  5. Click the Update Event Selector button in the toolbar to enable the edit function.
  6. In the Event Selector Criteria list of the Selector panel, highlight the selector and click Edit to open the Edit Criteria dialog box.
  7. In the Edit Criteria dialog box, specify the slots and values for events that you want the selector to match.

    For example, you can specify that the matching criteria for the event message is unreachable by entering the following in the event message slot: $EV.msg contains 'unreachable'
  8. Click OK.

To define a policy

  1. In the Tree view under My Production, open the server cell entry.
  2. Choose the Remote Action Policy type under the By Policy Type folder.
    The Remote Action Policy definition window opens as shown in the figure below.
    Remote Action Policy definition window

    Select Edit > New Policy, or click the Add Event Policy button in the toolbar.
  3. In the Selector Chooser dialog box, select the appropriate selector for this policy and designated remote action. Then click OK.

    You can use a default or a custom selector.
  4. In the Remote Action Policy tab, enter the policy name (required) and a description (optional).
  5. Designate whether the timeframes are enabled. If enabled, indicate whether policy activation timeframes are always active (default value), or select the option to define your timeframes' schedule.
  6. In the Action name list, select the remote action to apply to this policy. The action rule that you select should have event criteria that correlates with the event criteria of the policy. You can select from predefined or customized actions, including BMC Atrium Orchestrator workflow actions.
  7. Click OK.

    The event selection criteria and the remote action are applied to the remote action policy.

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