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You can dynamically change the attributes or indicators using the graphing options available below the graph or use the icons located on the right side of the graph to perform other graphing functions.

For more information, see Changing the graph display on the operator console

Generating a multi-monitor graph:

  • Provides the same options available for an Individual graph. 
  • Allows you to select the option for Show instance names in legend for multi-instance graphs to include instance names in the graph legend. 
  • If two monitor instances with different raw retention periods are plotted in a single graph, where one instance graphs rate data and the other instance graphs raw data, then the Condensed data string is not displayed on the Y axis of the graph. If both instances use rate data for plotting the graph, then this string is displayed. 
  • Due to the difference in the raw retention periods, one monitor may fetch rate data and the other may fetch raw data, for the same time range selected. In this case, the Condensed data string is not displayed. 

Multi-graphs can be added to a view. This is useful if you want to always see this set of graphs together but still want to add it into a view. After a multi-graph is added to a view, the thumbnail displays a small MG icon next to it. 

If an intelligent event is active for a given attribute or indicator on the graph, the outline is highlighted with the intelligent event color.

  • Red - Critical 
  • Orange - Major 
  • Yellow - Minor 

    You can globally change the line sizes in your graphs by changing the property in pronet.graphs.indGraph.lineWidth=<2>. This does not affect images already created.