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An administrator can create a customized template so that the event list displays only those columns that are present in this newly created template.

To create a new template for event list columns

  1. Click Quick Columns Selector.
  2. In the Quick Columns Selector dialog box, click Editor.
  3. In the Event List Column Editor dialog box, select the Templates tab, and then, on the left, click New Template .
  4. Specify a Name for the new template.
  5. Select Make Globalso that all users can view this template.


    A global template is prefixed with an asterisk (*). Only an administrator user can delete a global template. User-defined templates are not prefixed with an asterisk.

  6. Select Default for New Event Folders to use this template as a default for newly created event folders.
  7. Select Show in Quick Columns Selector so that this template appears in the Quick Columns Selector dialog box.
  8. Under Available Columns, perform the following steps:
    1. Click Event Class Selector .
    2. Select an event class, and then click OK.
    3. Select a column name.
    4. Click the right arrow.
    5. Click the Up or Down arrows to change the order in which the columns are displayed.
  9. Click Save.