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Have the following information available before creating a group:

  • A list of devices, applications, and/or interfaces to group. 
  • A unique name for the group and an informative description.

To add a new group

  1. From the administrator console, select the Group folder, right-click and select Add Group.
  2. In the Add Group window, in the Group Name field, specify a name (maximum length of 60 characters; no spaces) for the group you want to create.
  3. In the Group Description field, enter a description of the group.
  4. Select Group made by selected each Managed Object to create the new group.
  5. Click Next.

    The Add instances window is displayed.
  6. Select the monitored resource that you want to add to the group in the left pane, and click Add to move it to the right pane. Alternatively, use the Search for Devices field to search and select the device.

    You can add multiple monitored resources to a group, and if required, create a group of aggregate monitors.

    You can click Remove to remove objects from the right pane.
  7. Click Finish to add the group to the Administration Console.

    You can click Close to cancel the operation.

    The newly added group is now available in the Group folder.

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